How long are lessons?

We recommend for beginners a 30-minute lesson once a week. As students advance, most tend to graduate to an hour lesson once a week.

I don’t have an instrument yet. What do I do?

Our instructors can recommend a quality starting instrument that is a good balance between quality and value. Elk Creek Music can also take care of procuring a rental agreement from a local music instrument supplier.

May I cancel a lesson or reschedule?

In the event of a need to cancel or change your lesson, 24-hour notice by email is REQUIRED. We will try to be flexible and reschedule any missed lessons. We will prioritize rescheduling over cancellations. For a more in depth look at our rescheduling policy, a contract is available for review.

What is your inclement weather policy?

In the event of inclement weather, we typically will follow Park County and Jefferson County Public School recommendations. If possible, we will reschedule the lesson, or hold the lesson on an online platform. If that is not possible, you will not be charged for missed lessons due to weather.

All of our policies are subject to change, a full description of our policy contract is available during the student registration phase and per request.

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