Programs and lessons designed for the individual.

Elk Creek Music Studio is more than just a place for lessons. We strive to serve the artistic and creative soul in all ways. Explore all the programs that we offer.


Students study proper playing technique, as well as an emphasis on note-reading, ear-training, and general musicanship.


From classical to rock & pop styles. Our instructors will prepare you for any musical situation.


With an encouraging environment, you can let your voice shine. Students study good musicianship as well as artistic expression.


Our instructors are ready to help you succeed in all aspects of your playing.


Our instructors work closely with band instructors to prepare students to succeed.


Learn to take your playing to the next level by honing your fundamentals and polishing your musicianship.

Music theory/ Composition

Tutoring for AP Music Theory, preparing for college entrance exams, or developing your creative side. Our instructors can help unleash your artistic potential.

Music for Young Minds

Our custom programs for preschool-elementary age students emphasize all the musical fundamentals while providing an environment for learning and fun.

Creativity coaching

Take time to focus on your creative work. We help you develop your artistic and humanistic talents. We help artists, writers, inventors, and entrepreneurs, to accomplish their creative dreams.

Reserve your lesson today.

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